IYLC/International Youth Leadership Conference


IYLC offers the experience of a life time. Candidates from around the world meet to sharpen their leadership skills to tackle global issues. An ideal opportunity for political or business inclined people who wish to face challenges that will push their abilities to the next level.

About IYLC

For over 14 years we here at IYLC aim to sharpen the skills of the best and brightest to give them the chance to shine on our international stage. Have your business, university or organization represented amongst the world’s future leaders. Through workshops, debates, cultural events and various other activities your leadership capabilities will be put to the test here at IYLC!

Our goal is to push participants who show potential to better themselves in various fields, particularly in politics and business. In addition to this we wish to assert our participants in their role in the world, to show them how interconnected they can become. Each community faces their own issues but they do not have to face these alone. IYLC seeks to interconnect youth from around the world to gain a global perspective in order to overcome these challenges.

IYLC would not exist without the involvement of local communities around the world, we aim to assist these communities in any way we can. Whether that be through giving them a wider representation or assisting various community development members. When you join IYLC you join a truly global network.