Refund Policy

If you are unable to attend the Conference for which you have already paid, please refer to the following information. It is always advisable to be sure that you can travel to Prague and get a visa to enter the Czech Republic before you pay.


If you must defer your attendance to the following session we will simply move your attendance and no refund will be necessary. It is always possible to attend a later Conference if you have paid. If your plans change, please contact us and we can arrange for you to attend the next conference.


  • Cancellations and refund requests made more than 120 days prior to the conference will receive a 75% refund.
  • Refund requests filed more than 90 and less than 120 days before the conference will be honored with a 50% return of fees.
  • If you file your refund request more than 60 and less than 90 days before the conference, you will be honored with a 25% return of fees.
  • We are unable to honor any refund on requests made less than 60 days before the conference.