IYLC/International Youth Leadership Conference

Management Team

William Webster
Executive director of CCI

Founder and Executive Director of Civic Concepts International in both, the United States and the Czech Republic, William is a Youth Leadership Expert and has been working for Youth Empowerment from last 15 years. After working with the Congressional Youth Leadership Council in DC and the National Youth Leadership Forum in Philadelphia, Webster moved to Europe to launch a similar initiative in Central Europe, where he founded the Civic Concepts International and the International Youth Leadership Conference. William started Youth Leadership Europe, a Czech not for profit as the host institution to carry on the IYLC where he is currently the Chairman of Board and Executive Director. His Areas of expertise are as follows: Leadership, Team Building, Motivation, Youth Empowerment and Global Civics.

William believes in building upon his own definition of Leadership and he motivates others to find their definition of Leadership for themselves. According to Webster "CCI's goal is to lay out the tools for the youth and it is up to the individual young leader to pick them up and build up their own individual skills and truly make them the leader they can be". William travelled around the world, visiting Universities and started the International Youth Leadership Network as way to promote and support students that show interest in their communities, want to develop their leadership credentials and who would gain from the IYLC experience. With experience of working in different regions, in 2004 he Initiated "Insight Dubai" and worked for the first two conferences in partnership with a local University. In Dubai, CCI worked to strengthen the voice of women in the Middle East where Webster met with Benazir Bhutto and H.E. Sheikh Nayahan Mabarak Al Nayahan the Minister of Higher Education of the United Arab Emirates.

Webster established International Youth Leadership Africa in 2007, Cape Town, South Africa. While in Cape Town at the founding IYLA Webster sat down with the conference's key note Morgan Tsvangirai, Prime Minister of Zimbabwe and spoke about ongoing regional issues and the importance of reaching out to the next generation, instilling responsible leadership in the next generation of African.

In 2011, working with Education Association for China Tomorrow, he played an active role in the International Youth Festival in Beijing, China, which he will do again this year. He launched the 1st International Youth Leadership Conference, UAE in Dubai in 2011, which was a huge success, in partnership with the American University in the Emirates. Webster is currently working on developing the IYLC in additional locations, such as India, Indonesia and a series of conferences in East, South and West Africa.

In 2012, he was invited to the International Youth forum for Policy, Change and Development (IYF) as a keynote speaker where he spoke to the youth about problem solving in a connected global civics. He also conducted a workshop on fund raising and looking for sponsors to attend forums like IYLC, IYF, etc. which was much appreciated by everyone.

Asimah Majeed Marwat
Conference Director


Having completed her Masters in Business Administration from the Institute of Management Sciences, she is currently teaching International Marketing at the University of Peshawar. Her first ever experience at the 16 IYLC gave her the confidence and fond memories to jump at other opportunities that came her way.  She presided the student body at her alma mater. After successfully completing her tenure at the student body, she contested the elections for NUPSA Pakistan and was elected as the First Female President of the organization.


Whilst Presiding NUPSA Pakistan, she steered the organization towards collaborations and supporting affiliated organizations, offering a wide range of networking opportunities via intellectual discussion forums, sports events, social events, fundraising dinners, lectures by prominent members of the Pakistani community and the bi-annual Pakistan Young Leaders’ Conference (PYLC). The Government of Pakistan conferred her with the National Youth Award for her selfless services for the youth of their country.


She travelled to numerous countries, including Nepal, Denmark, and the United Kingdom, United States of America representing Pakistan at public-speaking forums, and youth conferences, and in return learning diplomacy in cultural diversity.


Asimah returned to IYLC as a Facilator for the 2nd IYLC Malaysia and thereafter facilitated the 28th IYLC Prague. She served as a Head Facilitator for the 6th and 7th IYLC Dubai. Currently, she is serving as the Conference Coordinator for IYLC Malaysia as well. She is also helping in expanding IYLC in South Africa

Castillo Dagasdas
CCI Leadership Associate Program 2017


My name is Czareenah Castillo Dagasdas, 21 years old. I am in my fourth and last year of undergraduate school. I am taking up Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. International Politics and governance really interests me especially international Political economy. I do a lot of things, I am very active in our church group, a youth leader, also I do go to missions during my free time and of course join International Youth Leadership Conference.

My parents own an orphanage, so literally I grew up with orphans. I am from a small town in the Philippines, but that does not stop me from exploring, from dreaming. I joined the International Youth Leadership Conference in Malaysia last October 2016 because I know in my heart that it is going to change something in me. I have joined numerous camps and leadership conferences in the Philippines and believe me it helped me a lot. When I saw the IYLC website, I knew that I have to join. I applied and got accepted. During the conference, I learned a lot of things from simulations but most especially from the people that I am with. Most of the delegates are Arabs and Hindis, it was really interesting and mind blowing. I learned a lot about Arab culture, it was uncomfortable at first, because Filipino culture and Arabian culture is really different. It gave me more confidence to express myself, it left a burning fire inside me to step up and be a leader, not a commanding leader but a leader who listens and understands. I made a lot of friends from India. I learned more about their culture and traditions, it made me fall deeper in love with diversity.


International Youth Leadership Conference made me understand something. It pointed out that diversity makes you a better person. Adjustment and understanding is essential with how you go about people. I wanted to learn more, I wanted to explore more, I wanted to see and also, I wanted to be a better version of myself.

Seohyun Kim
CCI Leadership Associate Program 2017


I have studied Economics in Nagoya University, Japan, under a renowned international program. I had the honor to stand in front of my fellow classmates as the class representative of the graduating class of 2017. In Nagoya University I not only took Economics-related classes but also politics, education, and culture. I believe my diverse educational background taught me how to always challenge myself to improve and form stronger connections with people. As an international student I conducted several international events and coordinated a Japanese business trip specifically for foreign students who desired to learn more about Japanese business practices. From reserving different spots to promoting the event, I got to learn how to manage a team and carry out an event successfully.

Through rigorous training in economic methodologies, I have decided to conduct deeper research on migrant workers. The global phenomenon of international labor mobility and new forms of labor market polarization fascinated me, and I exposed myself to different parts of the world where I could truly witness the realities of this new global phenomenon.

Just last year, I traveled to Jordan to serve the refugees living in various refugee camps. My trip to Jordan which has one of the highest shares of refugees from Syria opened my eyes on the social benefits and costs that rise from immigration. After my community service activities in Nepal and Jordanian refugee camps, my Professor nominated me in participating in the IYLC Dubai. As a participant I had the opportunity to work as a team to address global issues that we face today. Various political simulations and discussions shed light on environmental, political, and social challenges of the Middle East. I truly enjoyed the diversity in people and their ideas; participating in this international conference shaped me into a person who thrives under an active learning environment.

I genuinely would like to learn from this internship. Even though I am confident in my communication and social skills, there is certainly room for improvement. Through the leadership training courses and activities I plan to not just develop my own skills but to contribute to the organization. I plan to commit myself to the CCI program.

Shahzeb Irshad
CCI Leadership Associate Program 2017


Shahzeb has a degree in Finance with minors in Mathematics and Statistics. Passionate about International Development, he works with nonprofit organizations to generate institutional funding for programs in primary health, education and livelihoods creation. Over the last five years, he has engaged with organizations like the World Bank, USAID and the Gates Foundation to develop initiatives that can bring about systemic improvements in Pakistan's health and education sectors.


Shahzeb attended the 28th IYLC Prague and has since developed various training programs on soft skills and career success for fresh graduates. Passionate about rational discourse, Shahzeb has adjudicated at the World Universities Debating Championships in 2012 and 2013 in the Philippines and Germany respectively.

Shahzeb has also been a facilitator at the 4th IYLC Malaysia and the 9th IYLC Dubai.