IYLC/International Youth Leadership Conference

Management Team

William Webster
Executive director of CCI

Founder and Executive Director of Civic Concepts International in both, the United States and the Czech Republic, William is a Youth Leadership Expert and has been working for Youth Empowerment from last 15 years. After working with the Congressional Youth Leadership Council in DC and the National Youth Leadership Forum in Philadelphia, Webster moved to Europe to launch a similar initiative in Central Europe, where he founded the Civic Concepts International and the International Youth Leadership Conference. William started Youth Leadership Europe, a Czech not for profit as the host institution to carry on the IYLC where he is currently the Chairman of Board and Executive Director. His Areas of expertise are as follows: Leadership, Team Building, Motivation, Youth Empowerment and Global Civics.

William believes in building upon his own definition of Leadership and he motivates others to find their definition of Leadership for themselves. According to Webster "CCI's goal is to lay out the tools for the youth and it is up to the individual young leader to pick them up and build up their own individual skills and truly make them the leader they can be". William travelled around the world, visiting Universities and started the International Youth Leadership Network as way to promote and support students that show interest in their communities, want to develop their leadership credentials and who would gain from the IYLC experience. With experience of working in different regions, in 2004 he Initiated "Insight Dubai" and worked for the first two conferences in partnership with a local University. In Dubai, CCI worked to strengthen the voice of women in the Middle East where Webster met with Benazir Bhutto and H.E. Sheikh Nayahan Mabarak Al Nayahan the Minister of Higher Education of the United Arab Emirates.

Webster established International Youth Leadership Africa in 2007, Cape Town, South Africa. While in Cape Town at the founding IYLA Webster sat down with the conference's key note Morgan Tsvangirai, Prime Minister of Zimbabwe and spoke about ongoing regional issues and the importance of reaching out to the next generation, instilling responsible leadership in the next generation of African.

In 2011, working with Education Association for China Tomorrow, he played an active role in the International Youth Festival in Beijing, China, which he will do again this year. He launched the 1st International Youth Leadership Conference, UAE in Dubai in 2011, which was a huge success, in partnership with the American University in the Emirates. Webster is currently working on developing the IYLC in additional locations, such as India, Indonesia and a series of conferences in East, South and West Africa.

In 2012, he was invited to the International Youth forum for Policy, Change and Development (IYF) as a keynote speaker where he spoke to the youth about problem solving in a connected global civics. He also conducted a workshop on fund raising and looking for sponsors to attend forums like IYLC, IYF, etc. which was much appreciated by everyone.