IYLC/International Youth Leadership Conference


The most rewarding part of the IYLC is meeting people from all over the world and being able to develop my language skills. What makes the IYLC experience different to other conference is the cultural diversity we are exposed to.

-Zahne Gane, Australia

The IYLC is not only about serious simulations, but also, very fun activities and amazing facilitators! This conference has helped me learn about team work and respect for everyone.

-Francesca Mangahas, Philippines

The IYLC is focused on leadership with interesting simulations and a small cohesive group hence making the experience different to other conferences and educational programs.

-Viking, Thailands

Two months after attending the conference, I can confidently say that I have grown more tremendously because of the impact IYLC has had. The simulations deepened my understanding and knowledge of the Security Council, United Nations and International Criminal Court. This has enriched my academic experience and created a bigger fascination for the international arena, framing the direction for my eventual master’s thesis. The embassy visits and interactions with company executives and country diplomats were of particular impact on the choice for my future professional career. This is because I was able they provided fresh, true insights from people actually working in the field as well as contacts.

-Tikwiza Silubonde, Zambia

By meeting so many people who shared the same passions as I did, i was able to appreciate the world so much more and really become motivated about what I wanted to do with my life and the changes I want to see happening in the world.

-Sandeep Kaur Gill, Canada

In my university (« Sciences Po »), we study a wide range of subjects, from law to history, economics or sociology. With the IYLC I finally found a way to convert theoretical classes into practical cases. It also helped me better understand myself and my motivations in life, better understand others without losing ground with what I am and lastly, to discover how, as a leader, I could encourage others.

-Daniella Segal, Israel

Academically, I learned about the current issues going around the world. Personally, I learned how to compromise and hence understand where the other person is coming from. This conference has helped me become a confident person.

-Panca Ratna Ariani, Indonesia

What makes IYLC different from other conferences is that fact that we do not just discuss the current issues, rather we are exposed to the cultural and religious context of the host city and that has made all the difference!

-Qhama Nande Sinandile, South Africa

This conference gives me a new perspective on issues facing my country and allows me to come at it from a different front. Also, I have cemented what I already knew about other cultures and learned much more!

-Tom Moore, Australia

The IYLC taught me about Team Building Appreciation and Respect for everyone!

-Aji Cloudstrife, Indonesia

Through the IYLC I gained a new cross-cultural understanding through the intense workshops, forums, and simulations with student leaders from around the world. This incredible experience has encouraged me to challenge myself to combat issues facing diversity and inclusion within local, national and international communities. From this opportunity, I hope to continue to build partnerships between US organizations and institutions with the broader international community.

-Demetrius Jones, USA

After attending the IYLC I am no longer afraid to express myself,I really stepped out of my comfort zone and I am comfortable with it. It has been a wonderful experience which made me a strong woman, and it has also been beneficial for my career!!

-Shamila, Surinam

It was such a pleasure for me to be part of a group that represented more than 30 countries, each one of us, with the potential to be successful leaders in our own countries. During the week conference, I developed more confidence and more courage to go further and aim higher.

-Bahaa AlDahoudi, Palestine

What makes IYLC different from other conferences is the professional team it is!

-Lutik Rina Widyastulik, Indonesia

IYLC has taught me how to become professional. On a personal level, it inculcated the quality of patience and team spirit in me. It should also be held in countries like India, Pakistan and Australia!

-Ramya Ranjan Behera, India

The IYLC is a unique experience in which the most rewarding experience is The cultural night. Visits to places and APEC Simulation.

-Hadia Farood, Pakistan

The IYLC offers unique simulation sessions and allows us to be exposed to new cultures!

-Long Nguyen, Vietnam

The IYLC has truly been a pivotal experience in my personal, academic and professional growth. Academically, the IYLC helped me understand and apply academic learning in a global context. Professionally, the IYLC has given me the boost to venture on my own. Personally, it has been my mission to do my best to imbibe the confidence, knowledge and skills that I have gained via the IYLC and through my work, projects and even regular conversations, I consciously make it a point to do my best to inspire people.

-Glen Ivan Suchitha, India

My IYLC experience inspired me to step out of my comfort zone, to share my ideas, to listen to the ideas of others and to take my place in the world of global politics. I have become a more confident person, a good team player and have a wider and more open world view now. It also offered me a chance to breakdown stereotypes and misconceptions that people had about my country Zimbabwe and I learned a lot about other participants countries and cleared some misconceptions I had too.

-Sifiso Maposa, Zimbabwe

Meeting people from different backgrounds and culture have been mind-blowing. The 24th IYLC has allowed me to network and engage with people from around the world, while understanding key European institutions and political structures. Throughout the conference, I’ve been able to engage in international relations, law, economics and put political and economic theory into action.

-Lesego Ndlala, South Africa